Privacy Policy

Please Read Our Privacy Policy at Boveee

Privacy Policy is a body of rules and guidelines which are followed by sellers to protect buyer information. Boveee follows strict guidelines to protect sensitive public knowledge and don't use this valuable information for any other purposes.

What is considered as sensitive information?

The concept of data privacy is not explicitly stated under Indian rules, but some general guidelines help to understand the scope of sensitive information for websites. Data protection is achieved with the Information Technology Act 2000 and the amendment of 2008. It attracts civil prosecution for cyber contraventions and offences. Let's look at some of the sensitive data information:  Bank Accounts and confidential personal financial documents  Health conditions of the individuals not declared  Biometric details  Identification marks in body and contact details The Right to Information Act 2005, however, stated that public information would not be treated as personal or sensitive.

What is the need for implementing privacy policy?

We, at, adhere to the strict guidelines of privacy acts incorporated by law. Our privacy follows the Information Technology Act of 2000 and amendments made in 2008. Our privacy policy statements strictly define the scope of information we collect from the user and how we intend to use this data.

Policy Guidelines for the user

 You need to agree to our privacy policies which are clearly defined. Any user disagreeing to our guidelines are requested to refrain from using our services  You don't need to enter any personal data unless you sign up for services under Boveee. You also have the right to withdraw anytime  All debit/credit card information is used only for electronic payment purposes

What we aim to achieve?

Our data protection policy aims to achieve better customer service and troubleshoot technical issues. Boveee aims to meet all regulatory guidelines for best internet practices

What are Cookies?

When you accept cookies, you agree to use some part of your personal information for research purposes. If you don't take them, your movement might be curtailed across the website. You can delete these cookies from your browser quite quickly.

How Can You Control the Use of Other Website Links?

We do use cookies and links from other websites, and once you click on them, it redirects you to third-party sites. is in no way responsible for any misuse of information once you visit these websites.

Guidelines for Visitors

If you are visiting Boveee, we will not collect any information unless you fill out our forms. If you are accessing the website from outside India, you need to understand the legal guidelines of your respective country before proceeding. You can always connect us for any inquiries from our support email id or call us in the given phone no.